Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The joys of life

So the news is finally settling into Christopher and I that we are going to be parents. It is really exciting, and slightly terrifing! It sounds weird to be called mom, but that's what I am going to be. This June, when Mothers day rolls around, I am going to be a "Mother to be". Madness!

It was really exciting telling all of our friends and family. We got some great reactions. Lots of grandpa's cried, lots of mom's started making baby plans, and me... I just keep thinking about how I want to decorate a nursery! Christopher says this is just an excuse to want to paint something agian, I laughed and agreed!

My favorite people to tell was our youth! I knew some of them were going to freak out! And they did! We have lots of babies due this year in our church. 5 to be exact, and (though I am biased) I think ours is special.

We had told lots of people, and then BAAM! It happend! A person reached out and RUBBED MY BELLY!! Seriously...SERIOUSLY!!! I pushed her hand away and was like "don't touch my belly please". Come on people! Why do the words "I am Pregnant" give people permission to touch you in places that they would not under normal circumstances touch you?? I mean, i'm a bigger girl as it I know I may look VERY pregnant, but i'm not okay? You can't feel anything in there! I knew it would happen eventually but really, right then?!?!?!?!! So to all you people out there, when you find out someone is pregnant, that doens't give you permission to touch them, it really freaks them out okay??

I am told this feeling of invasion of space goes away, but I don't know... I told our youth if they wanted to touch my belly, they better ask first, or I may chop their hands off. : )


Since we haven't been to the doctor yet, we are guessing that our due date is around October 25th. This is what The Bump has to say about baby W this week.

Your baby is the size of a sweet pea!
The average embryo at week 6 is about .25 inches and will double in size again next week. Wow
  • Obviously, he/she's growing like crazy!
  • He/She's also circulating blood with his/her increasingly more sophisticated circulatory sytem.
  • He/She's about to get cuter too, since starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks.
  • And he/she might even be wiggling his/her (paddle-like) hands and feet.
Seems crazy that something that starts out so tiny, is going to grow so big!

Our prayer this week: for healthy development! (though that will be a prayer every week!)

Happy Leap Day everyone!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I am not a tomato sauce!

Perhaps on of my BIGGEST pet peeves is someone refering to themselves as "preggers" or "prego".

NOW...i'm not hating on people who refer to themselves that way, but it really drives me crazy!

I AM PREGNANT! Not prego (which is a tomato sauce) or preggers (which I have decided is the noddles to the tomato sauce) PREGNANT!

I really never thought I would get to say those words...the past months have been a struggle for me. I have taken many tests, waited those 3 minutes many times, just to see one line... Oh but this time...

I have been sick for about two weeks. A cough that is breaking my ribs, and tearing my chest to pieces! I feel nauseated ALL the time. LITERALLY all the time. And of course I was late... I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I didn't even think about the possiblity of being pregnant.

Sunday, during our church service, our pastor was preaching on timing, and how God sends answers to prayers just at the right time. I went up to get prayed for with Chris, because I felt so bad you know? And when Jimmy (our pastor) walked by me he stopped and just said that he felt like God was sending answers to someone right now. It was then I knew it was time to take the test.

We went to lunch with one of Chris' professors and had a really great time. We came home and I went to go take the test. Christopher got on the phone with Jimmy again...and was talking and talking and talking...The moment of truth had come. I waited...and waited...and that stupid one line showed up, I bowed my head in prayer just telling God I was okay with this, and that he knew I could handle it. I looked up and had to do a double take! There is was coming in, that blessed second line. It took it a minute to get there...but it came! I FREAKED OUT!!! I cried, I laughed, and I prayed hard!

I sat there waiting for Christopher to get off the phone. It felt like an eternity. And when he did I walked out, looked at him and mumbled "I'm pregnant" His reaction... "No you're not!" I laughed, jumped into his arms and said "Yes I am!!!!"

We didn't tell anyone for a few days, but we broke the news to everyone yesterday! All sets of grandparents, aunts uncles, and all the "greats" are so excited!

Our first doctors appointment is March 13th. We think we are about 5 weeks along...We will get to see our baby for the first time! Well, the little peanut that is our baby anyhow! It has a heartbeat!

                                    Your baby's the size of an appleseed!
Your embryo is now measurable -- though at week five, it's a wee .13 inches -- and she's gearing up for much more growth. In fact, in the next week, she'll almost double in size. Grow baby grow!
So there you have it! Baby Watts will join the world sometime this fall